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Sleep With Me at Your Own Risk A comedy about a man who has a life and death sleepwalking problem and tries to solve it by sharing it all with an audience. While talking he relives all the experiences as if they were happening in the moment and range from the absurd, walking out of his apartment naked to the dangerous, attacking his lover in his sleep.


Super Romantic! 

A young woman sits at a bus stop, dreaming of her Prince Charming coming along, until he does. Halfway into a whirlwind romance, she realizes the whole love affair was just a daydream—that is, until the Prince Charming from her dream shows up in real life with a romantic proposal.


Hedda Gabler – Part Two 

A comedy about Hedda Gabler raging against Nora getting a sequel.


The Three Minute Hamlet 

A comedy about Hamlet going to group therapy because he keeps seeing his dead father.


A Midlife’s Dream  

A young couple, watching A Midsummer’s Night Dream, swear eternal love. Ten years later, on the verge of divorce, they return to watch the same play until the younger couple and the older couple become one.

Prometheus All Bound  

A comedy about Prometheus being tied to a rock as his eternal punishment. Lucky for Prometheus, his imprisonment is his biggest turn-on. 

Salty Tears 

Christopher Columbus, on the night before he sailed, discovers a new world when his mapmaker gives him an erotic backrub.


Garden Street 

Adam and Eve live happily in the Garden of Eden until the Devil, not a snake, but a businessman, comes to buy the property so he can use it as a launching pad for bombing what will eventually become all of humanity.


A Reflection From the Moon 

A drama about a 63-year-old mother trying to prevent her 42-year-old mentally ill daughter from killing herself.


The Train Goes Round ‘n Round 

A drama about a guilt-ridden middle-aged man who has put his helpless father in a nursing home which now threatens to evict him because the father is too sick, even for them.


A drama about a woman struggling to leave her mentally ill husband as she is pulled by his pleading, as well as her own need for him.


A drama about a teenage brother and sister who escape to an abandoned railroad track after the sister has murdered their father to avoid him raping her, once again.

Looking Back – A Dance 
A comedy/drama about a homeless person struggling to get their best friend to leave the abandoned building they are living in, before it gets demolished with them inside.

A Dark Suit in Honolulu 

A gay journalism graduate student finds and confronts his gay professor, a self-proclaimed leader of Marxism with whom he had an affair. His confrontation ends up putting his own life-long relationship at risk.

A Little Class 

A journalism graduate student finds and confronts his professor, a self-proclaimed leader of Marxism with whom he had an affair, threatening his own life-time relationship.



A mother confronts a principal, who is also a mother, about her son being bullied in the school only to find out they have common ground.


Highway 5.9 

A tacky singer in a diner on Highway 59, the middle-of-nowhere America, on Christmas Eve, relives to the three customers, scenes from her marriage destroyed by debt.



A comedy about a man who leaves his job to live in the mountains and get away from it all. This becomes very literal when he is befriended by an alien who takes him to his planet.


The Funeral Home 

A comedy about a daughter bringing her mother to a funeral home, to help mom look at her husband in his coffin, while the mother thinks she’s there to pick up men.



A drama about two siblings speaking in a coded language only they understand. One tries to give the other courage to have their first shock treatment.


Down the Hall 

A drama about two siblings, speaking in a coded language only they understand, with one trying to give the other the courage to have their first shock treatment.



A man tries to convince a friend to join him on a trek to the top of a freezing mountain without clothes or food because God told him to. He keeps trying until he realizes he’s alone and talking to himself.


Needle in Your Life

A young man goes to his estranged father to overdose and die. Is it love or revenge?


The Window

A young woman tracks down her birth mother who abandoned her only to find out she’s a sex worker.


Wooden Planks Beneath the Rottin’ River Bar 

A comedy/drama about two skid-row alcoholics trying to figure out if they are brothers and how to live through the sunrise.

Through the Floor 

A comedy about a young man who is so bashful about asking his date for a kiss, he falls through the earth and hangs onto a star, billions of miles away.



A comedy about a happily married couple who one day find a sink has appeared in their kitchen, resulting in a terrible drama.


Sitting Cross-Legged on Leaves Floating Down a Wild River 

A comedy about two people taking a yoga class who wake up to find themselves a mere two inches tall, floating on leaves down a wild river.

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