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The Language of Love

A screenplay romantic comedy about the clash between the Deaf and hearing worlds. An insecure hearing man falls wildly in love with a motorcycle tough Deaf man. As they try to live out their immediate almost magical connection, their worlds clash. Will the obstacles prevent intimacy, or bring them closer together?


Chronic Love

A screenplay is a romantic comedy/thriller about a serial killer grappling with an anxiety disorder. Overcome with worries about his girlfriends and their safety, he concludes that the only way to protect them from the dangers of the world is to kill them. However, he meets the true love of his life and now the danger he most protect her from is himself.


A Man in Pieces

A screenplay psychological drama/thriller about how a woman’s internment into a psychiatric ward impacts her relationship with her husband. While she is locked in within, her locked out husband struggles to survive this the  nervous breakdown this causes him. Eventually she is released and they must find a way to live together both embracing the mental disorders of the other.

Upside-down Signs

Five ten-minute comedy films about two Deaf men, childhood friends, who reunite after a long absence and all the shenanigans they get into.


You’re Only Young Twice

A ten-minute comedy film about a gay man who thinks he’s too old for anyone to love him and is completely oblivious to a young man moving him into his apartment as he remunerates in his hopelessness and what could be more erotic than self-pity?

Last Tango In New Jersey

A ten-minute comedy film about two gay men who agree to meet and have an anonymous S & M relationship only to discover to their horror that they have romantic feelings for each other, especially when they both got vaccinated for that.

Are You Sure?

A ten-minute screenplay about two men who rent an apartment as a trial for living together. Everything’s going fine until the first moment when one of the men’s paranoia strikes.

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