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Signs of Love

A gay Deaf motorcycle hunk and a nerdy diner waiter hearing nerd fall wildly in love and their worlds collide. This would be, as far as I know, the first feature film ever made with a gay Deaf man as the romantic lead.

Chronic Love

About a serial killer with an anxiety disorder who has to girl his girlfriends to protects them from the dangers in the wall until he gets stuck inside a photograph and can’t get out. 


A Man in Pieces

A man’s wife goes into a psychiatric ward and he a nervous breakdown. This is not the story of the one locked in but the one locked out. 

Upside-down Signs

Five ten-minute comedy films about two Deaf men, childhood friends, who reunite after a long absence and all the shenanigans they get into.


You’re Only Young Twice

A ten-minute comedy film about a Deaf gay man who thinks he’s too old for anyone to love him and is completely oblivious to a Deaf young man moving him into his apartment.

Last Tango In New Jersey

A ten-minute comedy film about two Deaf, gay men who agree to meet and have an anonymous S & M relationship only to discover to their horror that they have romantic feelings for each other, especially when they both got vaccinated for that.

Are You Sure?

A ten-minute comedy film about two Deaf, gay men who rent an apartment as a trial for living together. Everything’s going fine until the first moment when one of the men’s paranoia strikes.

A Sign

A ten-minute comedy film about Deaf male religious fanatic who comes to the door of a gay Deaf man to convert him but the man seduces him into falling in love with him instead.

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