Set in 1853 America, the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution, as well as the end of the traditional shoemaker, a gay vagabond who claims to have a direct access to Jesus, falls in love with a small-town male shoemaker. Their romance turns his life and the lives of the shoemaker works with upside down.

NOTE: Vagabond has been optioned by The Farm (we grow theatre). Austin Pendleton is attached as an actor and William Roudebush as the director.

Abnormality of the Mind 

A play about Dean, a young man serving as a juror in a case where a man convicted of raping a child is about to be released from prison. Due to a new law, the jury must decide if he is likely to offend again. The burden of the choice becomes overwhelming for Dean. If he decides the man should be released on account of having served his time, he may reoffend; if not, he could be kept in jail for the rest of his life without just cause. Dean’s personal history—being a child survivor of sexual abuse[MM2]  who fell in love with his perpetrator—influences his perspective on the case. The trial has a gruelling impact on Dean’s decision and a severe blow to his mental health. 



Three husbands meet by accident at a coffee bar and form an unlikely bond that quickly turns into weekly meetings where they lay out their hearts and souls to each other. Over the course of a year, their lives turn upside down, the stakes of intimacy between them increasing with every passing week.

Loving Diamond

Loving Diamond is a romantic comedy about, Aiden, a newly sober heroin  addict returning to the lover he abandoned, Diamond, a man who believes he has a direct line to God and the entire universe inside him reachable to others by praying to him. Aiden brings with him Star, a homeless girl he wants them both to adopt and become a family. Due to the abandonment they clash until they finally come together to make love, just as Chester, Diamond’s fiancé walks in. 

Lost Ticket Stubs On the Carnival Grounds

An absurdist comedy about four people who run a traveling amusement park. Jude and Ivy are wildly in love but Jude can’t remember anything from the previous day or anything in the past. Every day is new to him and he takes constant notes to try to stay in touch. Ivy tries her best with him anyway, because they are soul-mates. Vanessa, who works with them, meets Lydia a wanderer ing folk singer and the two women fall immediately in love and decide to get married right away before they get to know each other and possibly ruin everything. The play follows the story of these four vagabonds in love.



Walker is an absurdist comedy. As all theatre of Absurdism, Walker challenges the very notion of reality itself being nothing more than a matter of perception. In the world of Walker, what is an extremely windy day for one person, is a perfectly calm day for the person standing next to them. 


A play about a sex addict who relapses and struggles to overcome his condition. His relapse threatens his long-term relationship with his boyfriend, as well as his life. As he goes deeper and deeper into his past, he desperately tries to find the core of his disease.

Ticket to Eternity

An absurdist comedy about an actor on the precipice of stardom when all he really wants is to be a waiter. In fact, his obsession is so complete, restaurants are the only place where he feels sexually aroused. He struggles with his own desires against the relentless pressure of his parents, who consistently show up in everyone he encounters.


Falling Awake

A comedy about love, loss, the supernatural, and struggling to keep a radical newspaper from closing. Two women and two men try to keep the newspaper they work and live for, “The Left of What’s Left of What’s Left” from going bankrupt. The two men die, leaving the two women to go on a search for them—finding answers in the supernatural realm.