America in 1853, the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution, effectively ended the tradition of shoes being made by hand. A street-smart male vagabond falls in love with a small-town male shoemaker, turning his life and the lives of the men the shoemaker works with, upside down.

Loving Diamond

Loving Diamond is a play about Diamond, a beautiful, gay men who believe he has God and the entire universe inside him and praying to him a direct line to the universe, and two men obsessed over him. Gideon, a street hustler believes Diamond completely and Chester, Diamond’s extremely wealthy fiancé thinks he’s delusional. Gideon, knowing Diamond’s longing for a family, brings along Asher, a homeless girl, in the hopes of all three living together.



An absurdist comedy about Walker, a banker who steals fake money, his boyfriend, Ryan, who has contradictory memories of how they met, and Paige, a cabaret singer who only knows one song, fumble along together trying to figure out the meaning of things in a life that is beyond comprehension.


An Abnormality of the Mind

The full-length play is about a sex addict who struggles to solve his addiction, which threatens his long-term relationship with his boyfriend, as he goes deeper and deeper into his past.


Ticket to Eternity

A full-length absurdist comedy about an actor on the precipice of stardom when all he really wants to do is be a waiter. He struggles with his own desires against the relentless pressure of his parents, who pop out of everyone he meets.


Falling Awake

A comedy about love, loss, the supernatural, and struggling to keep a radical newspaper from closing. Four misfit types, two women and two men struggle to keep the newspaper they work and live for, “The Left of What’s Left of What’s Left” from going bankrupt. The two men both almost immediately die, and the two women go on a search for them in the world of the supernatural.