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Vagabond is set in 1853 America, the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution, as well as the end of the traditional shoemaker, a gay vagabond who claims to have a direct access to Jesus, falls in love with a small-town male shoemaker. Their romance turns his life and the lives of the shoemaker works with upside down. Optioned by The Farm, We Grow Theatre.

Husbands is a comedy is about three husbands who meet by accident at a coffee bar and form an unlikely bond that turns into weekly meetings where they lay out their hearts and souls to each other. The three men are almost complete opposites, with many preconceived ideas about the others and themselves that gradually get shattered. Over the course of a year, their lives all turn upside down, making the stakes of intimacy between them increase with every passing week.

Battered is a two-character play dramatizing a trial about Domestic Violence. The first half of the play the couple acts out the testimony of the woman bringing the charges and then the couple acts out the man’s testimony, raising the question, who is the one that was truly battered?  How many sides can a story have? How many sides can a person have? Can people have contradictory personalities and still be fully human? How many men report being victims of domestic violence?

An Abnormality of the Mind is a play takes place in the mind of a juror on jury duty charged with determining if a man who raped an eight-year-old boy and just finished severing his seventeen-year sentence - should be convicted again but this time for the rest if his life? The play travels back and forth in time and space as well as imaginary flights of conflict with the man on trial. The burden of the decision eventually leads the juror to relieving his own sexual abuse as a child and having a nervous breakdown.

Lost Ticket Stubs On the Carnival Grounds is an absurdist comedy about four vagabonds who run a crumbling traveling amusement park, struggling to survive the park’s financial demise, unreasonable love and deal with Reality which is often absurd at best. Rose, 64, the female romantic lead is obsessed with Jude, 69 who has no memory past the present day. Bella, 22, works for them, she falls in love with a wandering female folksinger, who both decide to get married before they get to know each other and risk ruining everything. They are all adept at fantastical, poetic storytelling but not so much with the meaning of this universe.

Loving Diamond is a romantic comedy is about, Aiden, a newly sober one time chef returning to the lover he abandoned, Diamond, a man who believes he has a direct line to God inside him. Aiden brings with him Star, a homeless girl he wants them both to adopt and become a family. Due to the abandonment, they clash until they finally come together to make love, just as Chester, Diamond’s fiancé walks in. 

Walker is an absurdist comedy. Walker goes to therapy due to anxiety that his boyfriend will leave him, but his therapist of twelve years has no memory of him. Walker challenges Reality. For example, what is an extremely windy day for one person, is a perfectly calm day for the person standing next to them. However, can love, True Love conquer even the absurdity of Reality?

Riptide is about a play about sex addict who relapses and struggles to overcome his condition. His relapse threatens his long-term relationship with girlfriend, as well as his very life. As he goes deeper and deeper into his past, he desperately tries to find the core of his disease. However, sometimes finding the answers doesn’t lead to closure but rather lethal disintegration.

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